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Books and Workshops


The Interview

More than marketing, more than pilferage and more than government taxation.  The greatest problem companies of all sizes face is personnel.  Every company must have the best employees if they are to be successful.  And nine times out of ten the problem with employees is that the wrong person was hired in the first place.


The Interview workshop and book walks you through the steps in the hiring process.  From Interview Ground Rules to Applicant References, from Interview Questions to the Interviewer's Demeanor, this book and workshop guide you through the concepts and techniques for acquiring the best employees.


Achieving Goal Through Others   

What is a Manager's primary task?  What is a Goal?  What are Goals based on?  Is it really important to keep your employees Motivated?  How often should you Praise your employees?  When do you Reprimand employees?  Are Appraisals really necessary?  What are your General Management Rules?


If you're not 100% sure of the answers Achieving Goals Through Others is a must for you.  Companies run from the top down.  The higher the quality of the managers the better the company!  This book and workshop aim managers, and prospective managers, toward their highest potential.  An absolute must for every company.

Selling Made Easy

Selling is convincing!  In today’s aggressive business environment highly developed selling skills are a necessity for everyone.  Without these critical skills your mobility in the business world, and in your personal endeavors, can easily become a bleak prospect.  The ability to sell consistently is derived from a few basic fundamentals; identifying customer needs, building positive client perceptions, and closing confidently.  This book and workshop will help you to perfect these absolutely necessary selling (convincing) skills, along with a myriad of powerful communicative techniques.  The workshop and book are recommended for experienced sales professionals, novices, customer service professionals, business owners, and anyone in or out of the business world who finds it necessary at any time to convince others.

Psychology of Selling

Why don't your highly developed selling skills work with all of your customers?  It's because people are not all the same.  Of course we know that, but we still treat all of our customers basically the same way. 


This book and workshop will enable you to identify different client behaviors and understand the motivations which created them.  Most importantly, you will learn exactly how to deal with each of these behaviors in an effective, efficient, and productive manner.  Today you're only effective with a portion of your clients, rather than with all of them.  Isn't that a waste?  The Psychology of Selling teaches you how to become totally effective with all of your clientele.  You can handle any situation once you understand why it's the way it is, and what techniques to use to bring it to fruition.

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