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David M. Richman

Business Consultant, Advisor, Sales and Management Trainer

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In 1973, David M. Richman founded Butterfield Enterprises, Inc. a highly respected Sales and Management training and consulting firm in Southern California. As a Trainer and Keynote Speaker, David has traveled throughout the United States sharing his knowledge, expertise, and always humorous outlook on who we and how we perceive and how others perceive us. He's referred to as the "Salesperson's Salesperson" and among the finest Trainers in the country.

Butterfield Enterprises, Inc. is known for transforming businesses, helping companies and organizations better manage and motivate their employees, and assisting individuals to reach their optimum goals. The Company's mission back in 1973 remains the same as today;

"To assist small to medium size companies, and individuals at any stage in their careers, to enhance their maximum potentials and professionalism through in-depth training and consulting."

With Mr. Richman's always present humor and over 44 years of Business, Sales, Management, Training Expertise, and his uncompromising tutelage standards, Butterfield Enterprises has garnered the respect of the business world and become a well-recognized leader in the specialized fields of Sales and Management training, and Business consulting. The most obvious reason for Butterfield Enterprises continued the high level of success throughout the years is the Company's ability to vary its training and consulting approach to best suit the particularities of each Client Company, or One-on-one Client, based on their assessed needs. Mr. Richman often proclaims, "My job is singular in scope. I'm responsible to guide my clients in becoming as successful as they desire."

If you're interested in enhancing your career, improving your company, growing your sales, strengthening your management team, motivating your employees, training your staff, or in need of a stimulating keynote speaker, contact David Richman at Butterfield Enterprises, Inc.

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